What a beautiful day we had from start to finish. It was a clear cool Coffs Harbour day especially up here in the trees.
Thank you all. Liz has summed it up with the following...............

“A cool crisp sunny Autumn morning saw the Yoga Retreat in Yoga Shala unfold before seven enthusiastic women. The ever so lovely Bec Gilby guided us through Ashtanga poses and had us bliss out through deep meditation all on our own terms. A leading local Naturopath Chris Neill informed us in a relaxed and factual fashion on Herbal Antioxidants. Importantly we consumed divine and delicious healthy Ayurvedic food, homemade by Carl, the cooking aromas filled the room and left us breathless. Comfortably nestled among nature’s scenery and sounds, tea light candles and aroma oils, the day completed with a memorable slice of (I want more) orange and almond cake washed down with homemade Chai tea. Handmade fabric gift bags with samples and recipes was the silver lining.

Everything on offer was authentic (right down to the lemon and lemongrass water) a true digestive for the body, mind and spirit. It was a gentle gathering of friendship, health facts and a practice likened to a weekend day spa escape, all presented in one comprehensive day.”