I have been asked to elaborate a little bit on the hypnotherapy work so...

The hypnotherapy work can be very useful for all sorts of things. I have seen it be especially useful for smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, self esteem, fear of flying and other phobias.
Hypnosis or hypnotic trance is a state where the body is relaxed and the brain is very close to sleep. Often drifting in and out of consciousness during a session. In this state the mind is very suggestable and the therapy is to provide beneficial statements and visual metaphor to create positive change.
The therapy is very relaxing a bit like a deep relaxation. There is natural variation with some people finding it easier to let go into the comfortable trance like state. 
Hypnotherapy can be a very effective tool, often going hand in hand with other therapies that a person is using to deal with a particualr issue.

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