There will be a spring retreat day on Saturday 17th September.

The day will start at 8.30 am with asana yoga practice we will have plenty of time to engage in the practice without worrying about having to rush off to work or home for dinner it will be luxurious.

Then we will have a delicious fruitfilled morning tea.

There will be an exploration of alkaline and acid creating foods and how this effects the body, inflammation, joint stiffness and so on.

Our lunch will include a large component of alkaline creating foods which will also be astonishingly yummy!
Chris Neill is a local nutritionist naturopath andherbalist, it is with great welcoming that we look forward to his discussion also on the inflammatory proccess. 

The rest of the day will unfold including Pranayama (breathing) practice and meditation.

By about 4pm we will be thoutoughly relaxed recharged and energised. There will be a maximum of 9 so please let me know as soon as possible.