I've always been a gym girl and thought Yoga was all meditation and sitting around,

never seemed active enough for me to get a real workout. The couple of times I tried yoga style classes

(like body balance) there was an instructor up the front who paid little attention to individuals (or couldn't)

I wasn't doing the positions correctly but also would never have learned how to do them correctly because

I was just a number, so I never came away from the class feeling satisfied with my workout.

After much pressure from my husband I came to see Bec, Wow what a surprise, no such thing as not

getting a workout out, I've worked parts of my body that I don't ever think have been tested before.

Bec is a wonderful instructor, she cares about our well being and that everyone gets something out

of their workout even though they may have limitations or injuries. My body is improving and changing

all the time and I feel fantastic, I can't imagine not doing Yoga now and I'm really disappointed when I

can't make my classes. I would even take Bec on holidays with me if I could!!!

Thanks Bec for help me to discover the wonders of yoga, my life will be forever changed, I'm so

glad you have come into my life.


Business Woman, NSW



‘I thank Bec Gilby for introducing me to Ashtanga yoga and igniting a love for the holistic practice that’s still burning today! Bec’s knowledge and high degree of skill in the field of Ashtanga, combined with her gentle, patient and encouraging manner, creates the perfect yoga practice environment. Bec genuinely cares for her students and easily generates an energy within her classes that embraces not just the physical component of yoga, but also the spiritual and emotional. Bec radiates a kindness and warmth whilst gently guiding her students through the postures, meeting the individual needs of all her students. Her own love and passion for yoga shines through and serves as an inspiration. If you ever have the opportunity to practice under the guidance of Bec Gilby take it, I promise you will never look back!’

Geniene Mairata

Counsellor & Mother of Three, Perth W.A


Yoga has changed my life.

Prior to starting yoga I was struggling to complete a day's work.

My evenings were spent wasted laying prone and in agony.

I could no longer get up on my surf board which had always been my

favorite sport and relaxing pastime. It had just become a frustration.

With Bec's careful tuition and attention to developing my postures correctly

I am a new man, I feel years younger and am surfing better than ever.

Life is good.


Surfer/Trades Person, NSW


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