Pregnancy Yoga

September 7, 2016
I have not posted for a long time but for the few people who might stumble upon this site.... Hello!!!
I am still teaching yoga classes and really enjoying the community that we share here in Coffs Harbour. I have been studying hard to become a Midwife through Southern Cross University, I am enjoying it more than I expected and there are many yogic elements to pregnancy, birth and parenting.
I am just putting together a group for a pregnancy yoga class, it will probably be on Tuesday after the Ashtanga class at 11.30 am and run for 1.5 hrs. So If you are interested the best way is to give me a call 0400 909 757


Autumn Retreat Day

May 29, 2012
What a beautiful day we had from start to finish. It was a clear cool Coffs Harbour day especially up here in the trees.
Thank you all. Liz has summed it up with the following...............

“A cool crisp sunny Autumn morning saw the Yoga Retreat in Yoga Shala unfold before seven enthusiastic women. The ever so lovely Bec Gilby guided us through Ashtanga poses and had us bliss out through deep meditation all on our own terms. A leading local Naturopath Chris Neill informed us in a relaxe...

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Finally Another retreat day!

May 9, 2012
Yes that's right we are finally having another retreat day.
It is 26th May and we are focussing on Ayurveda as well as having Chris Neill back to further our discussion of antioxidant use and recent clinical findings.
Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as it has been.
There is still one spot remaining if anyone would like to attend.

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January 30, 2012
I hope everyone had a great christmas , new year and a well earned break from usual routines.
Now we are launching into a new year. My focus this year is to stay in the present moment as much as possible.
The next yoga retreat Day is in the planning phase I am looking at Saturday 3rd of March as the proposed date.
See you in the room
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Spring Yoga Retreat

September 20, 2011

What a great day we had for the Spring Yoga retreat. Thanks to everyone that came along. We forgot to take photographs but  we will remember next time.

From Anna
"Having discovered Bec's beautiful yoga classes in the recent past I jumped at the chance to share a day with her and others to further explore our yoga practice. The day long retreat was a perfect balance of focused asana practice, yoga philosphy and fun; not to mention Carl's amazing wholesome food!! Thank you Bec - I look forward to...

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August 13, 2011
I have been asked to elaborate a little bit on the hypnotherapy work so...

The hypnotherapy work can be very useful for all sorts of things. I have seen it be especially useful for smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, self esteem, fear of flying and other phobias.
Hypnosis or hypnotic trance is a state where the body is relaxed and the brain is very close to sleep. Often drifting in and out of consciousness during a session. In this state the mind is very suggestable and the therapy is to ...
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Spring Retreat Day

August 7, 2011
There will be a spring retreat day on Saturday 17th September.

The day will start at 8.30 am with asana yoga practice we will have plenty of time to engage in the practice without worrying about having to rush off to work or home for dinner it will be luxurious.

Then we will have a delicious fruitfilled morning tea.

There will be an exploration of alkaline and acid creating foods and how this effects the body, inflammation, joint stiffness and so on.

Our lunch will include a large component of ...
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Yoga studio

July 16, 2011
This is the new blog page!
Please feel free to send in experiences, comments, suggestions, jokes, anything relevent to yoga in our modern times. Chances are that if your feeling it, or thinking it, then someone else is too.

For me right now,
We are in the middle of a very cold winter and it is challenging to practice. Its so good to keep practice up during the cold even though we might need to modify a little. 

I try not to expect the body to move around as much as it can in...
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